What’s a WoodChip

What’s a WoodChip? 

The WoodChips are just Trees having fun!

The characters are loosely based on trees and other plants, although there are exceptions.  They typically go by tree names, like Elmer, Maple, June Nipper, Woody and so on.  But some have branched out and taken on other plant, animal and even human names.

Their lives are much like ours.  For example, many of the WoodChips have day jobs in the Oxygen factory, since creating oxygen is one of the many wonderful things trees actually do for us people and our planet.
Are you a WoodChip?

If you think life should be fun, you might be a WoodChip. 
If you have a healthy concern for our planet, you might be a WoodChip.
And if you have tolerance and respect for others, you might be a WoodChip.

If you answered yes to these questions, you have a lot of WoodChip in your HeartWood!

Congratulations!  YOU’RE A WOODCHIP!

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