Two-Tiered Flat Tax Spawns Financial Ecology Movement

Two Tiered Flat Tax!  Wow, think about it.  Only a politician can say an oxymoron like that with a straight face.

That’s kind of funny when you think about it.  I thought a flat tax meant the whole tax code was simplified and everyone paid the same tax (per cent).  Ummm … I’m thinkin’ that’s one tier, right?  Saying two-tiered flat tax is like saying I’m for it and against it it one sentence, right?

So, whether you’re for the flat tax or against it, my financial ecology dander got up big time because I saw a politician proudly stating  he was all for the two tiered flat tax on Kudlow tonight.  These guys just have to complicate the simplest thing.  And my mind reels with his inevitably certain evolution of the thing.

Pretty soon he’ll be caving in to some of us to tax those rich @#%#$@$ at a higher rate and have a third tier.  Then a fourth tier for those richer @#$$#@.  And a fifth for the really rich @#$%^$#@.  Then a really wealthy constituent group in banking (who may have contributed to his campaign) will apply a little pressures and so he’ll back off and declare the need for a reduced tier 5, let’s say tier 4b-1.

Then all the other groups will want a special tier as well –  heck, I think they ought to have a special cartoonist tier, don’t you?  And of course there are folks not so well off, so he’ll decide on something less than tier 1, like tier 1/2-a, then even a lesser tax for some, let’s say tier 10/40th’s, call it 1040a for short, and so on and so.

You get the picture.  A morass of self interest in the name of simplification.

Maybe we need to stop polluting the world with these sorts of unnatural things.  Because pretty soon there will be forty-eleven tiers and half tiers and fractional tiers, generating tons of paperwork (read killed trees) while the honorable Mister Two-tiered Flat Tax tries to play us against each other to get re-elected.

And then we’ll finally get the flat tax — the forty-eleven tiered version, I mean.

Oh, never mind, this is what we have today, isn’t it.  We already have the SIMPLIFIED forty-eleven tiered flat tax.  Which is why we all go pay a tax accountant to file our taxes.  Because it’s so simple, right?

Maybe we all need to start thinking about ecology with a wider view … like financial ecology … simpler, more natural, less rigged and complicated.  Or how about governmental ecology … better yet.  Maybe we should start a financial and governmental ecology movement.  Yeah, that’s it.  Let’s stop all this morass of complicated pollution.

So what are your feelings about the forty-eleven tiered flat tax?  Love it?  Hate it?  Wanna add some more special interest tiers?

Let me know your thoughts by clicking on this posts title and commenting in the box that appears below.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel (living the American dream somewhere between tax tier 1040a and 1.c-4a … section b).

P.S. Hmmmm … I think that’s my tax tier … gotta see my tax accountant about that. ;-)

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