The Woman In The Window

For all of you dark film noir classic black and white movie buffs, you will want to watch this 1944 psychological thriller called The Woman In The Window by legendary filmmaker Fritz Lang. 

It starts off with a rather unassuming professor becoming involved with a beautiful model and goes down, or is that goes dark, from there –- hmmm … a touch of murder and desire, with a surprising twist at the end — all the delicious ingredients of the genre, wouldn’t you say.

I’m not that easily moved by movies but did find myself a bit on the edge of my chair in a few parts.  I think I must post this for my Facebook friends.

For you true aficionados, the aforementioned roles are played by Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett.  Robinson is a great actor in the film, but I must confess I was strongly attracted to Joan.  See the film and you’ll understand why.

I rented it at, my favorite source for movies.  I highly recommend them – and no, I don’t get a kickback – wish I did.

So check it out and have a film noir thriller day – J. Daniel

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