The Long And The Short Of The Stock Market

Stock market long and short

Cartoon Dialog: Setting:  Mimosa the bartendress and Woody are in the Bark n Barley Bar.  A TV announcer is talking on TV.
TV Announcer: And in the stock market, our very own analyst Yul B. Broker, recommends you  go long MilliSoft, and short ACME corporation.
Mimosa: I don’t get that stock market talk, Woody.
Woody: It’s easy, Mimosa.  When you’re long, you make money when your stock goes up.  And when you’re short, you make money when your stock goes down.
Mimosa: Ahhh… I think I’ve got it…  So… here’s to your longs going up, and your shorts going down.
Woody: I’ll drink to that.

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