The Artful Duckers

Have you ever noticed how politicians can say a whole bunch of words that sound like the definite answer to a question and say nothing at the same time?  I swear, some of these folks are absolute masters at this.

My favorite one these days involves budget cuts.  Most people agree we need budget cuts.  And most politicians do too – or at least, they talk like they believe in them.

So how many times have you seen a television reporter asking a politician to name the specific items he would cut from the budget?  Then the politician says a lot of words, usually about the total irresponsibility of the other political party, and never answers the question.  Then, when asked point blank the second time, he does exactly the same thing the second time.  Two questions, two answers, and yet, no answer.

But the really masterful answer I’m hearing these days is when a politician says he thinks everything should be on the table.  Sounds impressive, doesn’t it. It gives the impression this guy is serious.  It sounds like he thinks budget cuts are so important that he thinks no government program is immune to reduction.  He’s not even trying to defend his pet projects.

But we’re not fooled.  Because what did he really do with that answer.

He just artfully ducked the question didn’t he?

When you say everything should be on the table, you sound sincere, but you don’t mention a single specific program that you would cut.

These folks are simply the best at this.  And I guess it should make us all feel good, right?  Because we pay for them to do this, right?  And we clearly have the best.

It’s just more evidence of American exceptionalism, if you ask me.

Have a proud American day– J. Daniel (with everything on the table, so to speak).

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