Supermedialturbationomacism Update

Google's search listing of our new word supermedialturbationomacism, a made up word meaning big confusion over your middle name

You’ll recall in last weeks newsletter (Do You Suffer From Supermedialturbationomacism) that we created that new word, a made up term for the confusion of going by your middle name, and speculated that the Google robots would probably pick up on it.

Sure enough, they did.  Google is amazing — they don’t miss a thing.  I was actually surprised how quickly they did this.  Within hours of making that post, I went out to Google and searched for the term, and sure enough, there it was.

We live in amazing times.  Where else in history could we make up a word, and have it published and available to the entire world in a matter of hours (the WoodChips are read regularly in over a hundred countries).

Of course, all that and five bucks won’t get you a cup of coffee at StarBarks, but still, a fun experiment, and for those of us going by our middle name, we now have a word to describe it — that is to say if we can ever remember it (chuckle).

Anyhow, check it out.  Copy the word Supermedialturbationomacism here, start Google, paste it in the search box and see what happens. ;-) .

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