Snow Job

Maple and TreeBoone (WoodChips) are wondering about the blizzard heading toward Washington D.C.I had a friend tell me the other day they didn’t think I believed much in the Federal Government.

Ha! Now that’s a good one.

I really do believe in the Federal Government.  I believe they do two things better than anyone else on the planet.  And those things are…

1) Doing nothing

2) Over-reacting

See there.  See how easy it is for people – even friends – to not know where you stand on the Federal Government.

So do you believe in the Federal Government?

Send me a comment – let me know how you really feel :-) .

And have a nice day – J. Daniel


Maple and TreeBoone are looking over Washington D.C. a.k.a. “The Hill.”

Maple: I hear there’s a real blizzard heading to Washington D.C.

TreeBoone: Who would know – there’s always a big snowjob going on in this town.

Maple: Amazing really… considering all of the hot gas flying around the place.




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