Red Wood Says …

Red Wood is a very old tree full of wit and wisdom

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm,” said Winston Churchill.

I really like this quote by Winston, a man full of wit and wisdom.  And he had ample opportunity to practice it during the dark days of World War II in Great Britain.

So as you go from challenge to challenge today, you might think back on this for a moment.  At least you and I are not being constantly bombed by V2 rockets — although at times it may feel like it (chuckle).

To give fair credit, I stumbled onto this quote at Drayton Bird’s blog.  Drayton is an Englishman, full of wit and wisdom in his own right (and called the top direct marketing man in the world).  I had the privilege of meeting him last week in Delray Beach.

You might enjoy his dry British humor, life and business insights at his blog site – which he humorously calls Drayton Bird Droppings.

Have a courageous day – J. Daniel

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