Pomona – Roman Goddess of Trees

Today we get into a little historical WoodChip lore with Pomona, the Roman goddess of trees, fruits and gardens.  There’s also a fertility thing associated with her, but I’ll pass on that — wouldn’t want the web site to spontaneously have sextuplets or something.

Anyhow, trees have been revered in many historical times and cultures.  The Romans having Pomona as the goddess of trees seems like a fine thing to me.

Pomona has come down through history into our modern life.  For example, a few hours from St. Louis is Pomme de Terre lake, French for apple (pomme) of the earth (terre), a modern homage to the goddess Pomona perhaps.

And then there are pomegranates, a kind of apple like fruit with millions of seeds as hard as granite that will break all your teeth out (I might have made that translation up a bit).

In any event, I think we should stop clear cutting and deforestation and bring Pomona and a love for trees back into our modern world and lives.

Here’s to Pomona … and long live the trees – J. Daniel

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