Pat Down Searches With A Twist

June just got patted down real good in airport security and wants to know how much she should tip the guyPat down searches in airport security have been hitting the news lately.  And WoodChip June Nipper has her own take on the whole thing.

Comedy aside, it does seem like the NSA has gone a step too far with this.  It reminds me of the often said thought that govrnment only does two things well.  They are to 1) do nothing and 2) overreact.

The current airport delimna seems to be part of the latter.

Still, I’m not too worried about it because I think it will get sorted out fairly soon.  Why am I so optimistic?  Because the problem is clearly visible to the public and somewhat dramatic.

I am far less optmistic about all the unauthorized wiretapping of private citizens because it goes unnoticed day by day, hour by hour.  And I think it has the potential for much greater harm.

But that’s my opinion — what’s yours.  Which is more harmful to U. S. citizens?  Overly zealous airport searches or unauthorized wiretapping of private citizens.

And on that happy note (chuckle) have a nice day – J. Daniel

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