New Word: De-Suckify

The Woodsters Chiptionary

De-Suckify or desuckify: [dee-suhk'-if-aye]; verb; origins Latin suckus nil (literally to suck not); def. the act of trying to convince others that something that really sucks, doesn’t. Usage examples 1: A major US political party is currently trying to de-suckify certain health care legislation to the American public. 2: The computer systems engineers totally botched up the new web site and tried to de-suckify it with the users by convincing them all the bugs were actually features.

P.S. By the way, I’m not saying just exactly which political party is being referred to here, but their initials are a capital D followed by a lowercase emocrats.  Also, in the interest of fairness, we disrespect both major American political parties equally on this site :-) .


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