New Honorary WoodChips Acceptance Speech

Our new Honorary WoodChip, Thea W. seemed pleased with her award.

She was honored for “her unbridled WoodChips enthusiasm and sharing the posts and links with her friends.”  Her most recent post to friends was as follows …   

   If you need a daily dose of humor please follow Dan Roberts – the creator of these cartoons.    Warning: if you have a weak bladder, you might want to consider wearing some Depends before proceeding to read his blogs.     Don’t say I didn’t warn ya … ;-)  

I must say, WoodChips Central and the Nominating Committee were both unanimous in their votes on this. I think it was the Depends line that got them, really.

Thea gave a stirring acceptance speech with all the proper decorum, shown in full below … 

     Ha ha – thanks Dan! I feel so special!!! Who-hoo!! I feel like I should be giving an acceptance speech or something…
     ”First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to God for making me a weirdo. Um, I’d like to thank my mom and dad for openin…g the door when I was delivered by the stork, and deciding to adopt me. Third, I’d like to thank my sister for being awesome, and my brother for teaching me how to have a good right hook. (Wait, did I just say that??). I’d like to thank all of my fans for being there for me when I doubted myself <insert ugly cry> FINALLY I’d like to thank Dan Roberts for being the COOLEST cartoonist in the universe and for giving me this amazing opportunity! 
     Don’t give up kids – if you keep believing in yourself, one day YOU TOO might be on front page news of the WooChips Newsletter…”
Congratulations, Thea, and welcome to the Honorary Forest – J. Daniel
Note that her typo on WooChips (which may not have been a typo, she is pretty comically clever) is now the official category name for relationship articals.  Categories are shown in the upper left hand side of the site pages.

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