National Pharmacists Week

Cherry decides she wants to be a Pharmacist during National Pharmacists Week

Hey, better late than never … I mean, National Pharmacist’s Week was a few weeks ago.

Pharmacists work hard and are usually quite busy.  Which is how I came to create this cartoon — a bit late.  A friend and business associate named Marilyn asked me if I could draw something to recognize the Pharmacists in her department, because they had been so busy during National Pharmacists Week they weren’t able to take a moment and recognize all they do for us.

I was happy to do so and thought to share with you.

And the WoodChips are way down cool with pharmacists, because many life giving drugs come from trees and plants, with more being discovered every day.

So even though it’s a belated recognition, please join me and the WoodChips in a big thank you to our Pharmacists.

And special recognition to a pharmacist in Kansas City, Missouri named Kevin, a great guy and cousin to boot.

I think Cherry, the little WoodChip girl, says it best.  I mean, she has a little trouble with the word Farmacists, but she’s got the whole concept down when she tells her brother Chip that, “they’re nice and help people.”

What could be better than that?

Have a nice day – J. Daniel

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