National Margarita Day Late Dollar Short

A purple margarita

I’m not exactly sure how it happened but Monday, February 22, was National Margarita Day and I missed it. 

I hope this isn’t some latent manifestation of procrastinational tendencies of mine coming to the fore – because, while procrastination can truly be an art form, applying it to national margarita day is, well, simply irresponsible.

Worse yet, we did some research here at WoodChips Central, and found that it’s not even listed on our new WoodChips calendars.  Given that we have all the real COOL holidays (and the old boring ones too) like Talk Like A Pirate Day, Belly Laugh Day, etc., and forty more, this seemed like a pretty serious oversight.

So we formed a committee to take care of this problem and make sure it gets on the calendar – eventually.

But enough about that (because it seems like work) since further research uncovered a couple of important facts, one useful and one quite alarming.

We were deeply saddened to see that some people actually searched Google to find out how to celebrate National Margarita Day.  I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but … ummm … how about drink a bunch of margaritas.  Also, of course, eat a lot of salsa and chips as a safety measure.  These a basic food groups found in any household.

Salsa and chips have been scientifically proven to totally neutralize the harmful effects of tequila, without interfering with its beneficial behavioral and mood altering qualities, i.e. (tendency to wear lampshades, dance on tables, leave messages on your friends answering machines in a disguised voice stating you are from the IRS and would like to discuss their BIG tax problem as soon as possible).

We also found a simple 1-2-3 recipe for margaritas which is 1) One part lime juice 2) Two parts Triple Sec and 3) Three parts Tequila.  The simplicity of the recipe is appreciated after having mixed and consumed a few of the awesome brews.  And also, for the purist in the audience, using Key limes adds a special touch, although, after a couple, this doesn’t matter so much.

For the really advanced, you can make a purple margarita (pictured above), a true J. Daniel WoodChips original creation.  Simply throw a handful of frozen blueberries in the shaker with all the other ingredients. 

TreeLicious! — And also another health move in that blueberries have lots of anti-oxidants, and I think these make you lose weight or something.

Anyhow, without belaboring the point too much more, we feel like we kinda blew it on this one.  So our plan is to mix up a bunch of margaritas this weekend and make up for it. 

So if you missed the big holiday, this might be a good excuse, I mean idea, for you too.


Wasting away in Orlandoville – J. Daniel

P.S.  Seems strange that my spellchecker didn’t recognize the word Orlandoville – clearly Information Technology has a long way to go yet.

3 Responses to “National Margarita Day Late Dollar Short”

  1. Eduardo says:

    There are many reasons to have many purple margaritas :the 1st, the 2nd , the 3rd and after the 4th ….it does not make any difference !

  2. Marty says:


    No wonder you missed National Margarita Day–Feb. 22 was on Tuesday, not Monday! That would have been National Talk Like a President day (e.g. My fellow ‘mericans, ask not what I can do for you but what you can do for my re-election). Note: For the full effect, do this with your best LBJ Texas drawl.

  3. J. Daniel says:

    Yawlll ‘splained that real good, Marty – I’m just a calendar mess

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