June Nipper — Singing Mangroves Leaf You

June Nipper playing her signature blues song Mangroves Leaf You and balancing her drink on the end of her Guitar

June Nipper playing Mangroves Leaf You

June Nipper has been added to the characters page this month.  You’ll want to check out her profile – just click the Characters menu and scroll down.

Actually, June is one of the original WoodChips.  And what you may not know is that her character is patterned somewhat after a real person named Pat.  Like June Nipper, Pat’s a fun loving gal, a singer and a guitar player as well.  That June, she’s pretty much up for a party when the opportunity comes around.  And while I can’t say I’ve actually seen her balance a drink on her guitar while performing, I kind of think she can do it.

So check out June Nipper.  You’ll be hearing more about her in the future.

Have a great day – J. Daniel

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