It’s Always A Good Morning But …

Good morning ... hmmm ... the day always starts out good but sometimes the end of the day doesn't match the start of the day.So Maple and Hazel, office mates, are saying good morning to each other.  And Maple observes it’s always good in the morning, but the end of the day doesn’t always match the beginning of the day.

This cartoon was inspired by a priceless conversation I overheard at the office the other day.  Ann C., a fine person and dedicated associate  made this insightful observation about mismatched days.  Thanks Ann, couldn’t have said it better myself and just had one of those mismatched days.  Because of you I have a name for it now.

So have you had a mismatched day lately?

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Ummm … and wishing you matched days – that is the ones that start off good, I mean – J. Daniel


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