Imagine You Are A Politician

Mayor Bloomersbunched of Yew York Forest bans all sodas (Mayor Bloomberg bans sodas in New York City)

OK, so in all fairness, there are a few good politicians out there.

But they are few and far between, and the current bunch are rotten to the core.

What’s a good politician?  I think one that protects property rights, and protects individual rights, and upholds the Constitution.

But I repeat myself.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel

Cartoon Dialog:

Setting: The Bark ‘n Barley Bar, Mimosa and Woody at the bar and Mayor BloomersBunched on TV making an announcement.

Mayor BloomersBunched: From now on I have decreed that all sodas are banned from Yew York Forest.

Mimosa: What’s up with Mayor BloomersBunched, Woody?

Woody: Imagine you are a politician.  Then imagine you are an idiot.  But I repeat myself.

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