If You Like Your Dealer…

The President needs a diversion from health care and he finds one.
P.S.  DID WE CALL IT, OR DID WE CALL IT :-) - I’m not saying that the WoodChips have major connections to Washington, D.C. or anything, but just four days after we posted this cartoon, the following headline appeared on MSN.  Wow.  Now if we can just get our predictive abilities this fine-tuned in the stock market, things are going to go along swimmingly (chuckle).

Obama says pot no more dangerous than alcohol.
Cartoon Dialog: Setting is in one of the wings of the White House.
President:  I need a diversion form this health care thing, Joe.
Vice President: How about the pot legalization in Colorado?
President: Good idea. Maybe something like… if you like your pot dealer, you can keep your pot dealer.
Vice President: Yeah, Chief, that ought to work.

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