If They Would Just Answer The Question You Asked Them

Elmer is saying to a work associate If you would just answer the question I asked you that would be great while he is drawing a complicated flowchartHey, we’ve all experienced this one, yes.  You ask a simple question and someone launches into a long and complicated answer that may not even have anything to do with what you asked.  And maybe some of us, not you or me, of course, are guilty of doing this as well.

I did a little internet research on this, with emphasis on the little, and went out to Google for the answer to why people do this.  I typed in the following search question…   why do people not answer the question they are asked

By the way, my multi-word search is called a long tailed search in internet lingo, a fact I picked up recently from Brian, Director / Instructor at my Early To Rise Internet Boot Camp seminar, but I’m digressing here and not answering the question … see how easy that is to do … so here’s a sample of Google’s responses…

  1. How to ask questions the smart way
  2. Just because a question is asked, an answer is not required
  3. Why do people answer questions when they do not know … and
  4. Why do people ask stupid questions

None of Google’s responses answered my question … go figure.

So why do people not answer the question you asked them?  You can leave your answer here by clicking on this posts’ title and using the comment box that appears below.  Also, please answer the question (chuckle) or just ramble on, your choice.

Have a great day - J. Daniel

P.S. Did I answer your question?  What was the question, I forget?

2 Responses to “If They Would Just Answer The Question You Asked Them”

  1. Marty says:

    Its my belief that this is the VERY REASON why tech. support has been outsourced! For too many years, people in the Information Systems business (HEY, you know who you are!) were guilty of doing this every time they were asked a question. I mean, they/we couldn’t just say ‘I don’t know’ could they/we? Ergo the longstanding motto: If you can’t bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle ‘em with BS. So now there is an entire generation of future BS’ers in Mumbai who will soon perfect the same craft (after they master the language).

  2. danetc says:

    Well said, Marty. Also, clear and to the point – J. Daniel

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