Husband, Boyfriend, Whatever

Our Lady of leisure is balancing all of her spinning plates of cooking, boss, kids, cleaning, work, bills, sanity which has fallen and broken, and husband, boyfriend, whatever!Upon seeing the Lady of  Leisure cartoon, astute reader Lilly suggested it was missing a plate called “Keeping Husband Happy.”

The WoodChips are responsive to good suggestions and so, pictured above, is Lady of Leisure II.  We generalized her suggestion a bit to read Husband, Boyfriend, Whatever.  And just looking at the picture, it seems like that plate is a little shakey, like it requires extra attention or something.


Do Husbands, Boyfriends … and Whatevers require much attention?

I’m thinking some of the WoodChip Women might want to express an opinion on that.  Which you can do by clicking on this posts title and writing in the box below this post.

Lilly has now been added to the distinguished Honorary WoodChips list. If you have suggestions for cartoons, be sure to send them in by commenting on a post or e-mailing them to

Have a nice day – and thanks, Lilly, for your suggestion – J. Daniel :-)

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