Hey, We Had Text Messaging Back In The Day Too

Teletypewriter-the text messaging back in the day

So everyone is all hip with technology and texting messages to each other these days and feeling like they’re doing something new.

But there are few new ideas under the sun, really.  A little known fact is the older generation had message texting too.  It was called the teletype, and current texting messages remind me of it because we could send stuff with just letters and no pictures too.

True, it was a primordial time when Studebakers roamed the woods, and you could understand the words of popular songs, which were actually more than one word and chord played over and over at twelve thousand decibels — but for sure — we had text messaging.

It’s not a new thing at all.

We called it the teletype.  Same thing as text messaging really.

So if you’re over forty, or fifty, or whatever, and you want to take a trip down memory lane, or show off our generation’s technology to a younger generation, you really want to click here to see this demo.

True, we didn’t have all the abbreviations for phrases — I mean, BCNU was about it — but we’ll leave a little for the younger generation.

Still, it does make you kind of swell up with pride, doesn’t it!

Have a proud day – J. Daniel

P.S. The belt clip-on case was a bit of a BI%CH, but no need to point that out if nobody asks, if you get my drift.

2 Responses to “Hey, We Had Text Messaging Back In The Day Too”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Thanks for that trip back in time J.Daniel.

    Just listening to the sound of the teletype on the video took me back to my first job after leaving the farm in 1968 where there was a “telex” machine – as they were called in British influenced parts of the world.

    I had a later, quieter model in the early 90′s, when daisy wheel and golf ball typewriters were still around. Word Processors with huge cabinets of electronics were just starting to appear and fax machines were becoming common.

  2. J. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the comment, Peter. It’s amazing really – this used to be cutting edge technology – I thought it was at the time. When I was young, I read tons of science fiction. Today not so much, because it is happening all around us. The feats of Watson on Jeopardy last week illustrate this point well.

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