Happy Feet-The Little Penguin Is Getting Better

For those of you following the status of brave little penguin Happy Feet, who became ill after swimming thousands of miles from Antarctica to New Zealand, it looks like he may be getting better.

You may think it was the long swim that made him sick, but no, it was simply a lack of tourist information that got him in trouble.

Penguins eat ice to cool themselves down, and little Happy Feet, being rather warm on the New Zealand beach, mistakenly started eating sand, thinking it was ice.

That gave him a rather bad belly ache and he was seen spitting the stuff up, presumably thinking New Zealand has some very low grade ice.

This is clearly just a case of misinformation and goes to show it really pays to get local information well in advance of swimming off to a hot vacation spot.

Happy Feet is resting in the hospital chiller for now and has been offered a free ride back to Antarctica after he recovers. He has also been given a copy of travel experts Frommer’s New Zealand Travel guide to read during his recovery.

Good idea.

And get better, Happy Feet.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel

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