Freedom Of The Press? Hey, We’re Just(ice) Helpin’ Out

Just helping out with Freedom of the Press in the U.S., ummm and Justice, the IRS, Benghazi, etc., etc.

Now see there.  There’s a perfectly good reason for the Justice Department tapping into all of the Press’s contacts.  The Administration, which has said repeatedly in press conferences that they are very much for Freedom of the Press, was just helping out.

You really have to wonder sometimes what all the flap is about.  Here they are trying to help… a la “Hey I’m from the government, I’m here to help you,” and everyone is giving them a hard time.

Reminds me of the phrase, “Let no good deed go unpunished.”  I bet the Administration is thinking the same about now.

Personally, I think the whole thing is due to a bunch of Gol-Dang Pagan Contheorocy Spirist… and unpatriotic people in New York City drinking black market 32 ounce sodas.

So what do you think?  Was the government just innocently trying to help the Press (big grin)?

Have a nice day – J. Daniel


SETTING:  The President and an Advisor talking in the White House – at the edge of the Fiscal Cliff – sometime in the past.

Advisor: Why so down Chief? Budget worries?

President:  No, as a former Constitutional Law Professor I’m worried we don’t have enough freedom of the press.

Advisor:  Really?  What can we do?

President:  Let’s help out and audit the situation – get Justice and the IRS involved, make sure the Press has plenty of contacts and sources.

Advisor:  Good idea, Chief – want me to get them on Benghazi too?

President:  Ummm – I’ll get back to you on that.

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