Free WoodChips 2013 Calendars 2

Free 2013 Calendars from the WoodChips catoon characters Maple and Elmer, Captn Stumpy, June Nipper and moreSo sometimes I have second thoughts on the sensitivity of a cartoon — and this is one of them.  I changed it to be a bit more politically correct by Mimosa correcting Woody and pointing out he was being insensitive.  You can compare it to the cartoon posted earlier and see what you think.

I try to use two guidelines for my humor — and they are Red Skelton and Walt Disney, among others.  Red Skelton never used bad language and still was very funny.  Of course, he insinuated a lot and came right up to the line, but never seemed to cross it.  I’ve always like that about him.

And Disney is a good guideline because he tried to entertain and educate.

I think I couldn’t do much better picking cartoonist models for the WoodChips, don’t you?

Have a nice day – J. Daniel



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