Fork In THe Road Added To TreeCards

The Fork In The Road cartoon has been added to the Tree-Cards library.

Now you can send this Tree-Card to your friends.

The fork in the road is a common theme in great stories where the hero of the story comes to a major decision point in his quest, life or journey.

And it’s a common theme in our lives as well - we all come to decisions like this – to take a new job, to relocate, to improve, on and on.

Maybe a friend of yours is at a fork in the road right now.  If so, you can send them the Fork In The Road Tree-Card.  To encourage them — or confuse them — hey, keep me out of this — this is between you and them (chuckle).

So go ahead and click the Tree-Cards tab to select and send the card.  If nothing else, you may get a chuckle out of them, and that’s ALWAYS good.  That’s what the WoodChips are all about, “Saving our planet, one chuckle at a time.”

Life is Wood.

Have a great day – J. Daniel

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