Featuring WoodChips Character June Nipper


June Nipper playing her signature blues song Mangroves Leaf You and balancing her drink on the end of her Guitar

June Nipper playing Mangroves Leaf You

You may be surprised to know that a few of the WoodChips characters are based on real people.  And one of my favorites in that category is June Nipper.

June’s real name is Pat, and she was a work associate of mine some years ago.  She was a great, fun-loving gal with an outrageous sense of humor.  Also, very bright, well read and she played the guitar and sang professionally.

And when it came time to party, well, I honestly believe Pat (June Nipper) could balance a martini on the end of her guitar while she played and sang.

So here’s a toast to Pat, a.k.a. June Nipper.

J. Daniel

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