Donald Trump’s Humility Is A Lot Like Woody’s

Woody copies Donald Trump's style in humility.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Woody and Mimosa are at the Bark n Barley Bar discussing Donald Trump, and humility, as the Donald is talking on TV.
Donald Trump (on TV): And I’m really, really great and I’ll get things done better than anyone… and I’m really, really rich too!  I’m worth a gazillion, bazillion, zaptillion dollars, and I’m…
Mimosa (pouring a beer): Hmmm… he could use a little humility, maybe…
Woody: Yeah, like me.  I’m really, really humble and I’m proud of my humility… in fact, I’m really, really better at humility than anyone else!
Mimosa: Hmmm… so Woody, have you ever thought of running for President?
Woody: No, but I’d be really, really good at it.  Why do you ask?

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