Deer Hunting – High Tech Style At YewZappum Lodge

Drone Deer Hunting at the YewZappum WoodChips Lodge

Setting:  Sign says YewZappum Hunting Lodge – Featuring Drone Deer Hunting.
A hunting lodge is in the background.  A deer is intently looking at Woody and the deer hunter from behind the sign – using binoculers.
And a drone in the sky has just released an explosive missle going straight for the deer.

Woody: It’s the latest thing in deer hunting.  Plus we include the meat packaging for free.
Hunter: Awesome… so how much meat would that be exactly?
Woody: Oh, about a pound of dee rburger… whatever we can find.

Hey, just in case your friend didn’t get the joke, this is how you can explain it to them… Drones are airplanes that don’t have a pilot in them.  They are radio controlled from someone on the ground – like a radio controlled airplane toy – except they are much bigger than that and some of them carry explosive missiles.  The United States has been using them to kill terrorist for a number of years in the Middle East.

November is the deer hunting month – which is why this cartoon came out in November.  Deer hunting is an outdoor sport – although deer hunters using rifles against deer may be a bit less sporting from the deer’s perspective.

Now we show hunters using high tech drones to kill a deer with a missile.  Wow.  Talk about high tech overkill!  So the hunters will probably get their deer, but exploding it with a missile probably won’t leave much meat.  So the joke is that a 100 pound deer will only give about one pound of “deer burger.”  It’s burger because the deer got exploded.  It’s just one pound of meat because, as Woody says, “It’s what we could find.”

Also, the other joke is that the deer is watching them intently with binoculars, which is funny in that the deer is pretty high tech too – Ummm… but maybe not high tech enough in this situation.

And then the hunting lodge name is a joke.  The WoodChips are tree characters and a Yew is a tree. So it’s a wordplay on the word You / Yew.  And they are definitely zapping the deer with a drone and guided missile – somewhat of an understatement.  So the hunting lodge is You Zap Them – or YewZappum.


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