Cornyval Cruise Lines – Troubles At Sea

WoodChips TreeBoone and Maple wondering about the troubles on Cornyval Cruise Lines

Oh my, I feel another government bailout coming on, don’t you?

I’m talking about a cruise line — let’s say they are called something like Cornyval Cruise Lines (not their real name) that’s had a rash of problems lately, what with their generators failing out at sea, hmmm, which makes the plumbing fail out at sea, hmmm, which doesn’t make for the best of cruise conditions, hmmm, out at sea.

So anyhow, I heard an interesting comment about all of this in the office today.  A co-worker said she thought it was sabotage.

Now hey, I’m no contheoracy spirist (obviously since I can’t even spell it).  And this just may be office gossip.  But in the fine contemporary journalistic tradition of not letting facts get in the way of a good story, I’ll just keep talking.

So anyway, during our conversation, it crossed my mind that the cruise lines purportedly pay their basic employees squat, and work them 90 hours a week, and, hey, I started thinking someone might finally get so peeved about that – well, that they just might accidentally on purpose let a wrench fall into a generator spinning a gazillion RPMS just to see the sparks fly.

So if you hear this broadcast in the mainstream news sometime (who seldom let facts get in the way of a good story too), well, you heard it here first.

And if not, hey, it was just office gossip – I already indemnified myself and I can’t be held responsible for that kind of stuff… like the mainstream news, like the politicians, etc.

So the whole thing may be a little iffy.  But of course, the government bailout thing is dead certain, I would think.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel (who is definitely not a contheoracy spirist)


SETTING: WoodChip characters TreeBoone and Maple watcting the cruise ship Eck-Tasy being towed into port after experiencing a generator failure, resulting in the plumbing not working.

TreeBoone: I wonder if ObamaCare covers cruise lines?

Maple:  I’m thinking more a government bailout.

TreeBoone: Yeah, what with all the pumbing backed up.


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