Capt’n Stumpy Hits Google Search Number 1

Capt'n Stumpy of the popular WoodChips web site hits Google search position number one

It’s said everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame and that recently happened for Captain Stumpy, the old seafarin’ WoodChip.

In early September, 2010 the captain acheived number one ranking in the Google search engine (shown above) as well as position number four.

For those of you familiar with web sites and search engines, it is the goal of every Webmaster to get listed in the top ranking of Google seaches — and very difficult to achieve.   Of course, Stumpy is a rare word so this helps a bit, but still its no mean feat.

When asked how he felt about his new found fame the old Capt’n Stumpy said “AAarrrggghhh!” or something to that effect which we take to be his approval.  He has been noticed to stand and walk taller these days with a bit o’ gleam in his eye.

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