Be A WoodChip Lexicographer

The Merry-Woodster Chiptionary - a compilation of WoodChipisms and and very bad (which means good) Tree puns

WoodChips readers send in enthusiastic comments, and often create great WoodChips words in the process.  Typically, these are bad tree puns, and our official position on this is the more clever or the worse the pun is, the better.

Reader Kevin of Kansas City is a Tree-ific example of this in his recent comment on the site when he says “ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS a pleasure to read your blogs and enjoy your treeples!!!!  Amazing how all of this comes out of one persons cranium! How do you turn off the mentation and get to sleep at nite?! What you do is TREEmendous!!”

The Woodster is our resident lexicographer and is compiling these in his Merry-Woodster Chiptionary.  He’d love to hear YOUR WoodChipisms so he can add them to the Chiptionary.

So here’s the deal.  Send in your WoodChip words or phrases with your name and he will add them to the Chiptionary and give you credit by listing your name in the citation section of the definition.

Typically we protect peoples names while still giving them public credit by using one name and an initial — example, if you are Carla Smith, we will write C. Smith or Carla S. to protect your privacy but still give you bragging rights to your friends when you show them your contribution to the site.

So send in those great (bad) WoodChip puns and the Woodster will get busy adding them to the Chiptionary.  And we will publish them from time to time with credit to you in the citation — up to three people per word.

So click on this posts title and enter your worst possible WoodChips Tree pun in the comments box that will appear below, or simply email me at J.

To get you going, a few recent entries are listed below.

Thanks from the Woodster and myself and have a great day – J. Daniel

TreeMendous /Treé́ -Men-dous/ extremely good or impressive; great in amount, scale or good; Usage: Woody had a TreeMendous year selling used insurance and used cars; Citation: Karen R., Kevin C.

Limberty /Lim-ber-ty/ orig. The freedom to grow your limbs in any direction you want; Usage: PatTree Henry in the American Revolution, “Give me Limberty, or chop me down.”; also see LimberTree, Treedom; Citation: The Woodster

Treeples /Tree-ples/ lit. Tree people; shortened slang for The WoodChips; Usage: It’s a pleasure to read your blogs and enjoy your Treeples; Citation: Kevin C., J. Elsey

LimberTree /Lim-ber-Tree/ orig. The freedom to move your limbs and sway back and forth in the wind any way you want to; Usage: June Nipper had the LimberTree to dance the LimbBada in her forest. also see Limberty, Treedom; Citation: June Nipper

Sawdust/Saw-dust/ slang.  Stupid or untrue talk or writing; exaggerated talk or writing; Usage: Woody was spewing his usual Sawdust down at the Bark ‘n Barley Bar last night. also see BS; Bull stuff; Citation: Captn Stumpy

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