Australian Aborigines Ecology

I have long admired the Australian Aborigines ability to live off the land with their deep insights into nature.  As a young man I recall being fascinated by an article describing how they could withstand terrific heat in the desert and had great endurance as well.

Particularly the walkabout of a young boy, a months-long test to survive alone in the wilderness, and his skill and balanced attitude.  He exhibited more of a comfortable familiarity with his natural world and how it could support him, than an attitude of hardship.

I have no doubt many of us would have perished early on in similar circumstances for lack of survival knowledge (Crocodile Dundee excepted).

But we are all in this survival game today with our ecology concerns for our planet.  And like the young aborigines boy, we need to approach these challenges more with balance, knowledge, grace and skill.

It’s a balance thing.

The knowledge, grace and skill part are important too.

Grace, in particular, can help advance winning hearts and minds to ecology.

What do you think?

Have a great day in your personal walkabout - J. Daniel

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