Christina Aguilera Diet – Cheating Is OK

Christina Aguilera, a Grammy Award winner, has been in the news about her rendition of the national anthem at America’s Grand Party, the Super Bowl 2011.  As I write, I am listening to a replay of it.

But that’s not why I’m writing about her.  Personally, if I had to sing the national anthem in front of millions, I’d be a basket case.  Actually, if someone asked me my name in that situation, my answer most probably would be wrong, and most definitely off key.

So I’ll leave it to others to express an opinion about that.

But what always interests me about national stars is their diet and exercise.  They keep themselves in such great shape, and Christina is no exception.

So I always wonder how they do it.

From some of my research, it seems Christine is oriented toward the carbohydrate counting diet as opposed to the calorie counting diet.  I gather this when she says, “I make healthy choices when I can, because it’s very important for me to have moments where I can let go, have a great dinner and not care so much about the carbs.”  So this puts her on a similar diet to Crystal Harris — 24 year old former Playboy Playmate recently engaged to Hugh Hefner (see Crystal Harris Diet vs. The Twinkie Diet).

To the other important side of fitness, her exercise regimen is more the structured, pretty hard workout routine with a trainer.  Its 90 minutes, five days a week.


That’s pretty dedicated.  And Christine isn’t totally enamored with it as she does it.  But she points out how good she feels afterward.  And, well, the results are there to show for all of her hard work.

Contrast this to Natalie Portman and Bo Derek, who seem to have a looser style of exercise by trying to work more activity that they like into their daily routine.

Back to Christina’s diet – she does cheat on it.  While her diet is primarily low carb (diet consists of nothing but protein, vegetables and whole grains six for six days a week) she eats off-diet one day a week, i.e. “think chili cheese fries.”

This is not unusual for low carb dieters, and I believe it’s quite healthy.  At least one day a week you should get a craving or two out of the way.  It helps you sustain your diet in a couple of ways.  First, the obvious, which is you took care of a craving so you are never permanently deprived.  And second, you realize a few hours later or the next day how bad that food makes you feel.  Not bad, really, maybe that is too strong of a word.  But sluggish and not so alert or energetic.

While I am not pushing any particular diet here, I think everyone should try the low carb thing for a few days, and contrast how they feel after they go back off of it.  You might notice the sluggish effects I just mentioned.  Or then again, you might not – in which case the limited calorie diet may be just right for you, or the vegan diet.

We are all different, and the diet that works for us is too.

So have a great day, regardless of the diet you are on, or not J. Daniel

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